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This is Riley Defenses version of the American made classical AK-74 rifle (5.45 x39mm) and measures 35.25” in overall length.


  • Stained solid TEAK wood butt stock, upper and lower hand guards and polymer pistol grip.
  • Black oxide finish
  • Fully Heat-Treated, Mil-spec stamped Receiver
  • Chrome-Lined Barrel (16.25” length), 24 x1.5 RH thread
  • FORGED Trunion, bolt and carrier
  • Machined scope mount side rail
  • Front and rear sight (both adjustable)
  • Bolt hold open Safety Lever
  • Bayonet Lug
  • Cleaning Rod
  • Extended magazine release
  • Magazine Capacity: 30
  • Semi-automatic closed-bolt action
  • Caliber: 5.45 x 39 mm
  • Range: 350yds (effective), 1000 yds (Max)

The RILEY DEFENSE RAK74-C is an AR-15 style platform built on a modified M14/M1A design with a 16.25″ barrel chambered in 5.45x39mm. The solid black teak stock is complimented by the grey oxide Parkerized finish on all metal parts. A top picatinny rail allows you to mount your favorite optics or iron sights. This rifle accepts standard AR-15 magazines and comes with one factory 15 magazine included!

The RAK74-C Rifle is the pinnacle of modern sporting rifles, designed and built by hand. Crafted to feature our famous Classic Teak wood finish it also includes all the bells and whistles of our special series model rifles including a free floating hand guard, bipod and rear monopod. The RAK74-C Rifle is a custom rifle built specifically for those that want the finest quality rifle on the market.

The RAK-74C is a semi-automatic Rifle chambered for 7.62x39mm ammunition that utilizes a special receiver featuring an integrated M16A2 style forward assist and shell deflector. The RAK-74C Rifle is manufactured from forged and milled steel, with a nitride finish to the bore, chamber, and exterior to greatly reduce wear under harsh conditions. The sights are standard AK design with adjustable windage on the rear sight, while the front sight is integral to the gas block and pinned in place leaving no play once properly zeroed.

This rifle is a modernized Kalashnikov-style carbine, which incorporates all the features of the AK platform into a shorter and easier to handle rifle. The RAK74 C has an overall length of only 32 inches and its weight is about 8 lbs without magazine and sling. It can be used with any standard AR-15 magazines, with double stack UZI mags or Lancer AK47 type magazines in order to facilitate shooting from prone position.

This is a beautiful RAK74-C 5.45×39 Rifle from RILEY DEFENSE. The RAK74-C features a classic teak wood stock with a polished NcStar optic mount, adjustable gas system, and a new machined bolt carrier group with an upgraded recessed firing pin.

Take a walk on the wild side with the RILEY DEFENSE RAK74-C. This rifle features a teak grip for an elegant look and feel. The new AK74-C is based off of the original Russian Molot Vepr 12 weapon system. The RILEY DEFENSE RAK74-C 5.45X39 rifle delivers ultimate performance and quality at an affordable price. .

The RILEY DEFENSE RAK74-C is a semi-automatic rifle, chambered in 5.45x39mm caliber. The original AK design has been modernized with improved accuracy and reliability. The RILEY DEFENSE RAK74-C was engineered from the ground up by our engineers using the latest 3D printer technology to create one of the worlds first 3D printed firearms pieces.

The RILEY DEFENSE RAK74-C (AKM-K) series is based off of the AK74U rifle but with a completely redesigned lower and handguard. An integrated trigger guard area, full length handguard and a non Milspec magwell all change the ergonomics and appearance of this Romanian SMG. Meanwhile, a new buttstock design makes room for the folding stock attachment only inches away, allowing use with or without it installed. This combination of features coupled with an out of the box 16″ barrel make this one of our favorite firearms to shoot at SHOT Show 2020.

The RAK74-C Rifle by Riley Defense is a 5.45x39mm Rifle with a 16.25″ barrel, 7.23 lbs. in weight and Classic Teak wood furniture made in the USA of 100% Made In The U.S.A. parts and materials.

The Riley Defense RAK74-C 5.45X39 Rifle, Classic Teak rifle in 16.25″ is a highly sought after design that is ideal for urban and tactical applications. This model has a faux teak wood stock and forearm, fully adjustable rear iron sight with rail, black finish and comes with 1 magazine.

The RILEY DEFENSE RAK-74-C Classsic TEAK, includes a quad rail and hand guard to fit all of your rifle accessories, such as foregrips, flashlights and sights. This rifle is made out of high strength aerospace aluminum alloy and has a 1/8 twist rate to ensure accuracy at long range.

RILEY DEFENSE’s RAK74-C is a modernized Kalashnikov-pattern rifle made with attention to detail, fit and finish. The RILEY DEFENSE RAK74-C 5.45X39 RIFLE – CLASSIC TEAK 16.25″ has a unique handguard design that allows the end user to customize the length of pull with our billet set screws and spacers to their own personal preference, or simply swap it out for another top rail section without removing railed accessories.To match the modernized styling of the new RAK74-C, RILEY DEFENSE designed a new carbon steel barrel threaded for muzzle devices and equipped with a pneumatic recoil system that reduces felt recoil 25% over conventional spring systems.

The RILEY DEFENSE RAK74-C 5.45X39 Rifle is Class III certified, features a 16.25″ barrel that is cold hammer forged, and has a 4 POSITION flash hider. This rifle is vintage heavy duty, which means it has a tension ring at the back of the receiver to support barrel or sight base attachment.

The RAK74-C is a Russian-made 5.45x39mm semi-automatic rifle chambered in the popular 5.45x39mm round. The Russian AK-74M model was used as the base design and modified internally by Riley Defense in order to create a more modern rifle with better accuracy and reliability. A new barrel with 1:8″ twist rate, Nordic Components muzzle brake and Vltor Imodstock were added for accuracy enhancement. This version comes equipped in an all teak wood stock that gives the rifle a timeless look and feel

What’s your plan for the zombie apocalypse? If you’re going to be fighting hordes of the undead, you better have an arsenal. The RILEY DEFENSE RAK74-C 5.45X39 RIFLE – CLASSIC TEAK 16.25″ features a polymer M4 buttstock with a cheek rest and an A2 style receiver with side mounted optics rail. This fully functional semi automatic rifle shoots the legendary 5.45×39 round and can be used by anyone over 18 years old in compliance with federal, state, and local laws.

The RAK74-C Classic Teak is a 5.45x39mm version of the RAK74M rifle that was originally developed in the early 1980s. In 1984, the Soviet Union began limited production of this rifle; production ceased in 1989. Russia has since renewed production and offered the rifle for sale to several countries around the world.

Thats the reason why the payback period is often a year and a half.


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