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Product Type Ammunition
Manufacturer PMC Ammunition
Caliber 5.56 NATO


pmc x tac 5.56 Velocity (feet per second):

  •  Muzzle: 3100
  • 100 Yds: 2762
  • 200 Yds: 2449
  • 300 Yds: 2157
  • 400 Yds: 1885
  • 500 Yds: 1637


Energy (foot-pounds):

  • Muzzle: 1323


Bullet Path (inches):

  • Muzzle: -1.5
  • 100 Yds: 0
  • 200 Yds: -3.1
  • 300 Yds: -11.9
  • 400 Yds: -28.3
  • 500 Yds: -54.6


Ballistic Coefficent:

  • 0.304


Bullet Length:

  • 0.923


Sectional Density: pmc x tac 5.56

  • 0.177



  • Caliber: 5.56mm
  • Weight: 62 Grain
  • Type: LAP

PMC X-TAC 5.56mm 62gr LapAmmunition utilizes a patent pending base design which provides the cartridge with both a unique profile and increased performance. This ammunition is loaded with a mil-spec pressure hollow point projectile and can be depended upon for all your tactical training needs. It features nickel-plated casings that promote smooth extraction and reliable feeding in semi-auto firearms. PMC X-TAC AP is recommended for dependable practice, target shooting, long distance shooting, and competition use at metallic silhouette targets

PMC Ammunition X-TAC 5.56mm 62 Grain Lap (LAP) Ammo is a great choice for any tactical application, including AR-15s. This cartridge features a 62 grain full metal jacket projectile and a clean burning propellant which results in low muzzle flash and very little smoke. The low ealocity of the round makes it both more accurate and less prone to overpenetration than faster rounds.

PMC’s X-TAC 62 grain 5.56mm ammunition is specifically designed for Law Enforcement and Military applications by engineering a new low drag profile bullet with maximum penetration and deep hollow point cavity. This new profile design increases projectile velocity and improves terminal performance over all other loads in this class while providing excellent accuracy. PMC 5.56mm 55 Grain FMJ ammunition is loaded on premium quality virgin brass cases and primer components to ensure maximum reliability, consistent ignition and optimum pressure curve characteristics at all temperatures. These advantages translate into greater accuracy and reduced vertical stringing of your shots.

PMC X-TAC is superior quality 5.56mm ammunition made to the highest standards. These cartridges are loaded with the X-TAC 62 grain 20 round polymer tip bullets that meet MIL-STD-171 specifications and have a weight retention of 60%. These cartridges are manufactured in South Korea by Poongsan Corporation and then reloaded, inspected and packaged here in the U.S by Precision Ammunition & Research. This ammunition is manufactured by The Poongsan Corporation and sold by our company, Precision Ammunition & Research (PAMCO) under a contract agreement between PAMCO and The Poongsan Corporation PAMCO does not ship any mail order ammunition products to Canada or C&R license holders (like FFL collectors).

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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.


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