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SKU NHC-MGS-357-9-6
Product Type Handgun
Manufacturer Nighthawk Custom
Barrel Length 6″
Caliber .357 Magnum


BUY NIGHTHAWK CUSTOM KORTH MONGOOSE .357 MAGNUM PISTOL W/ EXTRA 9MM CYLINDER – 6″. The Mongoose is a 6” barrel 6 round, .357 magnum revolver that harkens back to the days when a revolver was a hand-built piece of functioning art.

The frame and all parts are fully machined from the finest billet material available. The trigger face is high polished and the smooth action is something that will make a lasting impression to even the most experienced competition revolver shooter.  

Available in DLC black; the perfection of craftsmanship and material is clearly evident. BUY NIGHTHAWK CUSTOM KORTH MONGOOSE .357 MAGNUM PISTOL

The Mongoose is ergonomically designed with an easy-to-access cylinder release, skeletonized, high- speed hammer and polished trigger for quick and accurate firing. A solid gold bead front sight with an adjustable rear sight adds to the beauty, accuracy, and versatility of this gun. Finger-grooved Hogue grips are standard.


  • Barrel Length: 6” Barrel
  • Weight: 2 lbs 11.3 oz
  • Overall Length: 10.86”
  • Width: 1.54”
  • Finish: DLC Coated Black
  • Height: 6.1”
  • Caliber: .357 Magnum, 9mm Cylinder
  • Frame Material: AISI 4140
  • Barrel Material: AISI 4340

The Nighthawk Custom Mongoose .357 Magnum Pistol in Wood with Extra 9mm Cylinder features an anodized aluminum frame and a carbon steel slide. It comes with two 9mm cylinders, and has a 6 inch barrel for increased accuracy. This gun is 7.2 inches tall and 46% lighter than classic steel wheelguns with no loss of strength or function. The Nighthawk Custom Mongeese model features a well-designed ergonomic grip that’s easy to adjust to fit your hand while offering better control over recoil, allowing you to make faster follow up shots.

Customized Nighthawk Custom, the Monolyth is a beast of a handgun and designed for those who need heavy firepower. A six-inch stainless steel barrel and extra 9mm cylinder make it ideal for home defense or situations where multiple reloads are necessary. With a durable case-hardened steel frame and an adjustable rear sight, you can be sure that this pistol is up to whatever work you need it to do.

Nighthawk Custom Korth Mongoose .357 Mag, 6″ – The famous Nighthawk Custom Mongoose is one of the finest DA/SA combat pistols ever made. It benefits from the design expertise and experience gained by Ed Brown and Warren Nigh through many years of building custom semi-auto pistols.

This is an excellent example of a workhorse gun. The Nighthawk Custom Korth Mongoose .357 Magnum is the pistol for those who appreciate the finer things in life-and value them at a moment’s notice. Built to last generations, this gun was created from scratch in our shop’s state-of-the-art facility by master gunsmith J.D. Jones. Built on the famous Smith and Wesson L frame, this large caliber revolver has been expertly modified with natural stainless steel and hand polished to give it one of a kind looks and functionality. This 6 shot revolver is equipped with an extra 9mm cylinder and comes with two sets of grips (one Pachmayr set and one Hogue set).


This is a NIGHTHAWK CUSTOM KORTH MONGOOSE .357 MAGNUM PISTOL W/ EXTRA 9MM CYLINDER – 6″. This gun is a masterpiece. Nighthawk Customs has outdone themselves with this double action/single action revolver. It has an oversized .426″ cylinder, 1 piece unfluted shroud, bead blasted stainless steel finish, 6″ barrel and is engraved on the side of the firearm. The gun comes in a lacquer coated wood case with custom black velvet interior with backet wrench/extra lockable compartment/revolver cleaning materials and extra serial number labels.

Korth Mongoose Custom Pistol with extra 9mm cylinder – 6″ barrel. The Korth Mongoose is a semi-automatic revolver that uses either a 5 inch or 6 inch barrel for calibers .357 Magnum, .38 Super and 9 mm. The frame and grip are made from aluminum alloy and weigh just 30 oz. It features a four pound trigger pull, stainless steel frame and cylinders (including the chambers). The grip panels are made from Taurus polymer and are textured for better grip control. This model has an extra 9mm cylinder (not pictured), Nighthawk logo serial number tag, hard shell case with foam insert shipped in hard travel case w/ matching serialized name plate reading “Korth Mongoose”.

This is a beautiful, Nighthawk Custom, Korth Mongoose .357 Magnum Revolver. It comes complete with a second cylinder in 9mm Luger. This thing is an absolute beauty. Very accurate, quite shooting and easy to clean. Built on a sweet Stolle action, which is rock solid reliable… can’t go wrong there! The fit and finish are impeccable, as one would expect from Nighthawk. When the trigger is pulled it makes both ends of the gun light up like Christmas trees with all the internal parts catching light from the corresponding side of them being highlighted by the same LED’s that illuminate the cylinder face and your target! This looks amazing in person!

This is a factory built Nighthawk Custom Magnum Research Korth Mongoose revolver chambered in .357 magnum. This unique gun has been customized by the great folks at Nighthawk Custom and it comes with an extra 9mm cylinder that you can use to shoot other calibers (and convert this firearm back to a fully functioning single-action revolver).

The Nighthawk Custom Korth Mongoose .357 Magnum Pistol is a compact, powerful handgun designed to deliver extreme accuracy and features the distinct Korth design heritage. This was one of the finest guns ever produced by Korth with only one factory refinish from new condition and original matching numbers.

The NightHawk Korth Mongoose is a very special pistol. It offers the feel and function of an all stainless steel revolver with smooth-as-silk double action. This pistol features an extra cylinder (.357 Magnum) which means you have twice the fun! The 4″ barrel provides accuracy for serious marksmen, while the 6″ barrel ensures a longer sight radius and quicker target acquisition. Regardless which barrel you choose, this beauty will deliver premium results time after time.

The last thing you need to worry about is a malfunction on your 1911. We’ve built this Nighthawk with the highest quality parts, including a match-grade barrel, fire control components and hammer that have been hand fitted to give you consistent long term performance. Each pistol features ergonomic grips, skeletonized trigger and hammer and adjustable sights that make it comfortable to carry and easy to shoot in any condition or environment.

NIGHTHAWK CUSTOM KORTH MONGOOSE .357 MAGNUM PISTOL W/ EXTRA 9MM CYLINDER – 6″. This beautiful Korth has been customized by Ken Jorgensen at Nighthawk Custom. It features a fully hand engraved 4″ barrel, stippled front strap and backstrap, fully hand engraved dueling tree on cylinder face and cocobolo grips. The weapon comes with 3 2” extra chambers (one in 9mm and two in .357) that have been custom fitted to the existing cylinder. This weapon needs no introduction; it is one of the finest double action revolvers crafted by man.

This is a custom made Korth Mongoose revolver. It has a 6″ barrel, weighs 41 ounces and has a custom hardcase with foam cutouts. It has been fitted with an extra 9mm cylinder so it can shoot both 9mm and .357 magnum rounds.

The Korth Mongoose is chambered in the powerful .357 Magnum cartridge and features an extra caliber conversion cylinder with a 9mm bore capacity. The round trigger guard provides a superior grip surface, while the cone-shaped cylinder base pin enhances mechanical lockup to resist recoil stress and frame distortion.

The Python is an award-winning pistol trusted by law enforcement, military and security professionals worldwide. A massive 44% more rigid than standard 1911s, the Python’s frame is built to withstand the roughest conditions imaginable. The Python comes in many different calibers and variations (Combat, Hunter, etc., each with a different frame to make it stand out), but this particular model sports a 6″ barrel with an extra 9mm cylinder and a black finish.



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