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NEMO ARMS NXS SPORT 12 GAUGE SHOTGUN – 30″. The NEMO Arms NXS Sport is the latest high quality over & under shotgun manufactured by NEMO Arms. With the intention of inducing nostalgia, the NXS Sport features many ties to classic Over & Under shotguns while also utilizing modern

  • NEMO Arms (SAE 5115) Steel Frame with Case Harden Finish
  • Caliber 12 gauge
    • Will accept 2 ¾” or 3” loads
  • NEMO Arms 30” (Monobloc 42CrMo4) Steel Barrel
    • Italian Certified Proof markings inside the receiver and extensions
    • Laser engraved scrolling on o.d. of chamber
  • Stock & Forend Material is made from class A Turkish Walnut with Oil Stained Finish
    • NXS model comes standard with adjustable cheek riser for better shooter adjustment
  • Trigger
    • Mechanical Trigger with 5 lbs trigger pull
    • Adjustable trigger blade for better adjustment for shooter ergonomics
  • Safety & Barrel Selector
    • Polished safety for smooth operation
    • Select choice to shoot top or bottom barrel or bottom or top fire operation
  • Fiber Optic Sights for quick sight picture
  • Choke Systems with 2.75” oal
    • NXS Model comes with 5 chokes
      • Full
      • Modified
      • Improved Modified
      • Improved Cylinder
      • Cylinder
    • Proprietary Hexagonal thread pitch, based off Bettinzoli choke systems
  • NEMO Negrini Case
    • TSA approved case with 3 code locks per case
    • QD mounts for sling attachment
    • Padded Red interior with molded placements for exact fit
  • Overall length (48.03”) Weight unloaded (8.37 lbs)

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NEMO ARMS NXS SPORT 12 GAUGE SHOTGUN – 30″​.This shotgun is a sweetheart of a field gun that has raised the bar – we are proud to be its US distributor. You will not be surprised by the craftsmanship or quality components used in making this fine shotgun.

The NEMO Arms NXS Sport Shotguns are designed for users of all skill levels. These shotguns are the perfect complement to an outdoor lifestyle where the hunt takes you from wetlands to mountains, from dense forests to open prairies and back again.

The NXS Sport is designed for those who want an upper echelon shotgun at a lower price. This gun has a durable, lightweight and moistureproof aircraft grade aluminum receiver, synthetic stock, nickel finish and beavertail forearm. It’s perfect for upland bird hunting, turkey hunting or shooting clays on the range or in the field!

Pride & Performance in a truly stunning package. The NXS is a feature-packed, mid-bore performer that will handle whatever your heart desires. And with its game-getting power and soft-recoil sure to keep you on target no matter what the circumstances, the NXS is one gun that has it all.

NEMO ARMS NXS SPORT 12 GAUGE SHOTGUN – 30″ The NEMO Arms NXS Sport is a lightweight, compact shotgun that uses a modified inertia recoil system to absorb a portion of the kick from each shot, resulting in a soft shooting experience. A 13” wide ventilated rib with a fixed cylinder bore and multichoke system provide superior patterning capabilities. The gun comes standard with X-Tech composite stocks and fore-end, and an ambidextrous safety.

The NEMO Arms NXS Sport is a lightweight, all-weather shotgun that is ideal for hunting. The rugged synthetic stock, metal charging handle and action bar make it perfect for the field. It’s also ready to go right out of the box with ghost-ring sights, picatinny rails and an interchangeable choke system.

The NEMO Arms NXS SPORT features a non-reflective black finish and a single selective trigger assembly. It includes a ventilated rib and a composite stock, which ensure tack-driving accuracy. The barrel is ported for recoil reduction, and the stock comes up to mid rib for added comfort on longer hunts.

The NXS in 12 gauge, or 20 gauge, is lightweight and compact. This shotgun features an adjustable comb and comes standard with a Pistol Grip stock. The flat back receiver and forend provide a sleek look while remaining lightweight and robust.

Nemo Arms NXS SPORT 12 Gauge shotgun is built for the sporting use with the modern shooter in mind. Designed specifically for 3-Gun events and other practical, fun shooting competitions, the shotgun provides users an affordable platform for achieving match success.

The NEMO Arms NXS Sport shotgun is a semi-automatic shotgun that combines the quality and value expected from NEMO Arms with features normally only found in higher priced shotguns. The NXS offers a lightweight aluminum receiver, four inch stainless steel cylinder bore barrel and matte blue finish. The four inch cylinder bore barrel provides excellent shot pattern coverage while maintaining optimum shot velocities. The Compact design of the NXS makes it perfect for the upland game hunter as well as being a great defensive option.

The NXS Sport Model is a 12 gauge pump shotgun that brings competition-grade features to the field. The stock features an adjustable LOP, a drop at comb and cast off, while the barrel has a heavy contour and is fluted to reduce weight while maintaining strength. It also comes with three choke tubes (Interchangeable extra chokes sold separately) so you can adjust it for hunting or target shooting.

Nemo Arms NXS Sport is a high-end, competition ready pump action shotgun, made in USA. This shotgun is built to goal shoot and win at on- or off-duty law enforcement competitions all over the world. The TAC21 platform sports a premium grade walnut laminate, full profile steel receiver, and an innovative internal recoil management system that minimizes inertia and felt recoil when cycling the action for faster follow-up shots. When combined with our custom designed shroud tube and NEMO’s patented gas cycling system this beast gives you unmatched control as you take out your target.


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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.


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