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NEMO ARMS NXL 12 GAUGE SHOTGUN – 26″. The Nemo Arms NXL, Over/Under Shotgun, 12 Gauge, 3″ Chamber, 26″ Black Barrel, Turkish Walnut Stock/Forend, Nickel Plated Frame, 3 Choke Tubes – F,M,IM, Bead Sights, Mechanical Trigger w/ 5lbs Trigger Pull, 2 Rounds NS-NXL-26.12

  • NEMO Arms (Ergal 75) Magnesium Frame with (Nickel Plated) Finish
  • Caliber 12 gauge
    • Will accept 2 ¾” or 3” loads
  • NEMO Arms 26” (Monobloc 42CrMo4) Steel Barrel
    • Italian Certified Proof markings inside the receiver and extensions
    • Laser engraved scrolling on o.d. of chamber
  • Stock & Forend Material is made from class A Turkish Walnut with Oil Stained Finish
  • Trigger
    • Mechanical Trigger with 5 lbs trigger pull
  • Safety & Barrel Selector
    • Polished safety for smooth operation
    • Select choice to shoot top or bottom barrel or bottom or top fire operation
  • Bead Sights
  • Choke Systems with 2.75” oal
    • NXS Model comes with 3 chokes
      • Full
      • Modified
      • Improved Modified
    • Proprietary Hexagonal thread pitch, based off Bettinzoli choke systems
  • NEMO Negrini Case
    • TSA approved case with 3 code locks per case
    • QD mounts for sling attachment
    • Padded Red interior with molded placements for exact fit
  • Birds on Frame
    • Partridge on left side
    • Woodcock on bottom side
    • Pheasant on right side
  • Overall length (43.3”) Weight unloaded (6.08 lbs)

While we try to stay current on all state laws, it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the firearm they are purchasing is legal to ship, as presented on our website, to their dealer of choice, and that the dealer is willing to accept the transfer.

NEMO ARMS NXL 12 GAUGE SHOTGUN – 26” – For Sale. This variety of shotgun is the choice of hunters that require a lighter tool to clear out brush while on foot. The shorter barrel length results in less weight, allowing for easy maneuverability in tight spaces, or over extreme terrain.

The NEMO Arms NXL Shotgun is an excellent choice for those looking for an affordable, yet highly effective combat shotgun. The 18.5″ barrel allows for a 14″ sight radius, resulting in increased accuracy.

The NEMO Arms NXL shotgun is an action that embodies the best of all worlds when it comes to tactical, sporting and competition shotguns. The Remington 1100 or Browning BPS action is used in many different guns by many manufacturers; however NEMO has implemented a 2-stage trigger system, oversized bolt handle, Recoil Reducing System and Mossy Oak Plantation camo finish to build a low profile tactical shotgun that performs at the highest level in the field or on the range.

Please take your time to read the entire ad. We are honest, hard working people with a large inventory on hand. All of our firearms are inspected and cleaned prior to shipment. Any markings or cosmetic defects will be mentioned in the listing. Many of our guns have been previously used by Law Enforcement and the Military so they may exhibit signs of honest wear and use.

NEMO ARMS NXL 12 GAUGE SHOTGUN – 26” Bolt-action shotgun with a 26″ spiral fluted barrel. Chambered in 12 gauge, it has a 3″ chamber for magnum loads.

The NEMO Arms NXL is a gas operated semi automatic shotgun built for the most extreme tactical and hunting conditions. This 12 gauge shotgun features a 26 inch barrel delivering superior performance in close quarters combat or long range hunting tasks.

The NEMO Arms NXL 12 Gauge Shotgun offers superior performance in a compact and lightweight package. Its compact frame is ideal for home defense, and its small size makes it easy to maneuver in any situation. The NXL’s versatility is equally impressive, with each of its two tubes supporting 2+1/3 or 3+1 magazines, allowing you to customize your payload depending on your needs. The NXL was built to last, with durable components that can withstand even the harshest weather conditions while still maintaining reliability over and over again.

Our NXL shotgun is a versatile hunting shotgun for all types of game, in any terrain. It’s completely ambidextrous, with a rotating stock and side-mounted safety, making it easy to operate from either shoulder. The action is also quick and reliable, from its aluminum alloy receiver to the 9mm top gas porting drilled through the barrel. This gun comes equipped with our TruGlo sights and is ready to hunt right out of the box.

Up for sale is a NEMO ARMS NXL 12 GAUGE SHOTGUN – 26” FOR SALE. Serial Number 479XX

The NEMO Arms NXL 12 Gauge shotgun is the perfect equipment for hunting wild boar, but also for clay shooting. Features include dual tube magazines, selec-trac system, and an easy to adjust gas system.

The NEMO Arms NXL™ 12 gauge is the ultimate field gun. Based on the legendary Mossberg 500, the NXL™ features an innovative ComforTech™ recoil reduction system that reduces felt recoil and muzzle flip by up to 40%. Other features include a flat-faced ported forearm that helps eliminate glare for improved target acquisition and a 6-position adjustable stock for personalized fit for any shooter. With 3” chambers and excellent balance, this shotgun is well suited for upland hunting or sporting clays competition.

The NEMO Arms NXL 12 Gauge Shotgun pumps out a seamless stream of devastating lead shot at up to 20 rounds per second. This semi-automatic shotgun is fed by a rotary drum, which holds 200 rounds and can be quickly reloaded from the box or belt. The fluted barrel decreases weight while increasing rigidity and cooling efficiency.


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