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Product Type Firearm
Manufacturer Henry
Color Black
Barrel Length 18.43″
Caliber 45-70 Gov’t


HENRY SIDE GATE .45-70 GOVT AMERICAN WALNUT LEVER-ACTION RIFLE – 18.43″. Originally a military caliber standardized for the battlefields of the 1870s, .45-70 Government has stood the test of time and still thrives nearly a century and a half later in hunting camps across the country.

When it comes to hurling a huge chunk of lead downrange, there is no finer way to do it than with a Henry.

The .45-70 started with a 405-grain lead bullet propelled with 70 grains of black powder. A longer 500-grain grain load was later added to extend effective range, while the original lighter cartridge was kept for use in cavalry carbines.

Since then, this caliber gained wide commercial support, and you can find anything from a high-velocity expanding 300-grain load to 600-grain subsonic.

The robust rimmed case feeds reliably from tube magazines, while modest chamber pressure aids extraction. Once available in every kind of action, .45-70 recommended itself best in lever-action repeaters. The Henry Steel Lever Action .45-70 Side Gate is the most advanced example of that breed.



  • Barrel Length 18.43″
  • Barrel Type Round Blued Steel
  • Rate of Twist 1:20
  • Overall Length 37.5″
  • Weight 7.08 lbs.
  • Receiver Finish Blued Steel
  • Rear Sight Fully Adj. Semi-Buckhorn w/ Diamond Insert
  • Front Sight Brass Bead
  • Scopeability Drilled and Tapped
  • Scope Mount Type Weaver 63B
  • Stock Material American Walnut
  • Buttplate/Pad Black Ventilated Rubber Recoil Pad
  • Length of Pull 14″
  • Safety Transfer Bar

The Henry 45/70 Side Gate is specially designed to be used as a centerfire rifle and shotgun, with muzzle loading capabilities. It’s built from sturdy American black walnut wood stock, and fitted with a stainless steel receiver and 20″ octagonal barrel that has rifle sights. This rifle has an adjustable rear sight and an adjustable front sight.

The Henry 45-70 Side-Gate Rifle is a lever action firearm with a strong reputation for its high quality, accuracy and reliability. Lightweight and easy to carry, this rifle delivers better performance than those offerings from other brands. The Henry Side-Gate Action is extremely strong yet simple in design, producing a magnum rifle that is comfortable to shoot and easy to carry.

The Henry Side-Gate features a blued octagonal barrel and an American walnut stock. It comes with a blued receiver, blued steel lever and solid brass buttplate. The firearm comes pre-drilled with a set of long-eye relief scope mounts, integral dovetail for scopes to be mounted.

This is a beautiful Henry “Side Gate” .45-70 Govt American Walnut lever-action rifle. The bore is perfect and the action is smooth as silk. The wood is outstanding with a beautiful gloss finish. This rifle also has an adjustable ghost ring rear sight on a high tower receiver and a brass bead front blade sight for fast target acquisition.These rifles can be cleaned of light rust quickly and easily with any gun cleaning solvent. A small oiling of the bearings inside the lever mechanism keeps this rifle running smoothly.

HENRY SIDE GATE .45-70 GOVT AMERICAN WALNUT LEVER-ACTION RIFLE – 18.43 Zeroing the rifle is recommended but not required. Our rifles have been pre-fired and proofed for your protection. You will have to make any adjustments for elevation or windage depending upon your personal preferences, type of ammunition used, etc.

The Henry Side Gate Model is a lever action rifle that fires the .45-70 cartridge and takes three rounds on its magazine tube. The rifle features a 20″ octogon barrel, 26″ overall length and weighs about 8 pounds. The walnut stock has a blued steel forearm and pistol grip cap, as well as checkered for added comfort.

The Henry Side-Gate Rifle is a contemporary American rifle that combines the gunmaker’s 152 year history with new technology to produce a great value. The hammer-forged barrel ensures accurate and long lasting use, and the satin blued finish is designed for corrosion resistance in harsh environments. A two position safety and tang sight enhance this firearm’s versatility.

The Henry Rifle Side Gate, a premium edition to the popular H018 and H010 line, features a nicer walnut stock, high-grade steel receiver, and blued octagonal barrel. This rifle was built for getting dirty but will hold up like a champ.

Henry Side Gate .45-70 Govt features a side gate for quick and easy unloading, even when the rifle is held from the chamber end. Side Gate models feature a dual chamber paper box with brass reinforcements and factory installed Picatinny top rail for mounting of optics.

The 18.43″ Henry Side Gate .45-70 Govt Lever Action Rifle is built for dependability and left-handed action from the manufacturer of the world’s most accurate lever gun at 1/4 MOA.

This model is a single-shot side-gate rifle that has the strength and durability to withstand the harsh weather of the outdoors. It comes with a 20-inch octagon barrel, an American walnut stock, and a crescent buttplate. The receiver is machined from aluminum alloy and has an exposed hammer with an adjustable trigger that makes this rifle fit for hunting all different types of game.

The Henry .45-70 Govt. American Walnut Lever-Action Rifle features a one piece 24″ octagonal barrel and rifle buttstock with two finger grooves in the forearm. The rifle has a pressed checkering on the straight grip forend and pistol grip cap. The rifle’s receiver is brass with blued finish, and features a side gate loading system for easy access to the internal magazine cut-off switch. Features include: 24″ octagonal barrel, 1:28″ twist rate, adjustable rear peep sight, adjustable front globe sight (1/2″ MOA or click value), alloy steel receiver, solid brass hammer and trigger parts

The Henry Side Gate Outfitter (.45-70 Gov’t) is a lever action rifle with an 18.43″ octagonal barrel and American walnut stock. The receiver has beveled edges and no iron sights are mounted, but the rifle comes with a front sight bead and an adjustable rear peep sight mounted on the barrel bracket. A quick release opening tang sight is included as well. The receiver is drilled and tapped for scope mounts or a rear sight if desired

This HENRY SIDE GATE .45-70 GOVT AMERICAN WALNUT LEVER-ACTION RIFLE – 18.43″ is the perfect rifle for the serious hunter. Whether deer or bear hunting, elk or moose hunting, the HENRY was designed to handle any situation with ease and confidence. It features genuine American walnut stock with checkering, which allows for a firm grip on your rifle. The HENRY side gate 45/70 gate comes equipped with a 28-inch octagonal barrel, adjustable semi-buckhorn rear sight and bead front sight, solid breech block design, hammer block safety system that prevents accidental discharge if dropped, 20 inch blued octagonal barrel with a screw-in choke tube for slug shots!

The Henry Side Gate Repeating rifle is a lever action, tubed magazine rifle designed by the legendary John Browning and built by the venerable Winchester Repeating Arms Company. The action is smooth, crisp and positive with an easily accessible side gate that allows you to quickly load the chamber with a cartridge you can then immediately fire. The long 26” octagon barrel provides a pleasing sight picture and offers improved ballistics over rifles with round barrels. The blued receiver has elegant scroll engraving on either side of the lock plate as well as along its tang edges.

From the celebrated “Big Boy” series of lever-action rifles, the Henry Big Boy Side Gate in .45-70 Gov’t is a great rifle for small to medium game hunting. It also allows for rapid follow up shots, which means you can take that trophy buck even if he doesn’t stop. With its 18.43″ barrel and high-capacity magazine tube, this rifle will deliver devastating firepower at 10 rounds per second!

When the weather turns ugly, a Henry side-gate is one accessory you should add to your collection. Designed to fit over a scope, and features a high-impact polymer frame that is impervious to the elements.

This beautiful Henry Side-Gate Rifle was built to handle the heaviest loads. An 18.43″ barrel, polished bluing and oil finished American walnut stock make it a pleasure to shoot. It comes with a fully adjustable rear sight and cheekpiece, a brass bead front sight, drilled and tapped for scope mounts.

The Henry Sidegate carbine has a choice of three calibers: .45-70 Govt., .357 Mag., and .44 Mag. This is a great rifle for long-range shooting, either on the range or in the field. The American walnut stock has a classic cut checkering pattern that helps add to its overall appeal. Features a 22″ octagonal barrel with deep crown, rifled bore and blued finish.

We’ve built a reputation as the world’s most popular lever action and with good reason. The Henry side gate rifles are some of our most popular guns and this one doesn’t disappoint. It features a beautiful American walnut stock, a stainless steel receiver and barrel with a blued finish. The enhanced Marlin’s receiver is drilled and tapped for scope mounts. The famous double-set triggers allow you to set them up so no further pull is necessary than what would be required to fire one shot at a time. This rifle can handle everything from varmints to medium game out to 100 yards.

This is a Henry side gate 45-70 lever action rifle and is in very good condition. In excellent working order, the rifle comes with a newer sling, two boxes of ammo, and a manual. It features a 20″ octagonal barrel, American Walnut stock & forearm, black finish and blade front sight with adjustable rear sight.

The Henry Side Gate is designed for quick and easy loading. The barrel has been drilled and tapped for scope mounts and the stock is drilled and tapped for both a forearm tip and sling swivel studs. It has a blued steel lever action with a brass receiver, 20″ octagonal barrel, American Walnut stock with checkered pistol grip and forend. This rifle i

This rifle features a distinctive American walnut stock with a straight comb and checkered grip, along with a barrel band and steel capped end. The receiver is silver plated and the lever is blued and checkered, while the barrel has a blued finish and a hammer-forged construction. The rifle is chambered for the 45-70 Govt cartridge and comes with two 10 round magazines. The rifle also comes with an adjustable iron sights for quick target acquisition.

The Henry Side Gate is a traditional break-open lever action rifle that uses the original Henry action with modern improvements. The receiver is machined from solid steel to guarantee tight tolerances and precision craftsmanship. It features a one piece bolt, hammer forged barrel, and American walnut Monte Carlo stock. The rifle weighs only 7 1/2 lbs. with an 18″ barrel and features a tri-color case hardened receiver and automatic ejector

The Henry Side Gate Rifle is a modern recreation of the 1860 Henry rifle, .45-70 Govt, American Walnut with straight stock and forend carvings. The side gate lever mechanism was designed for Henry by Uberti in Italy and adds authentic Italian flair to this classic American design. Crafted with high attention to detail, the receiver still bears the crown mark of British manufacturers W & C Scott, marking it as a quality product.

The all-weather, side gate design of the Henry Repeating Arms Side Gate Lever Action Rifle makes it lightweight, quick to operate and quick to sight in. The receiver is blued for added strength and protection from the weather. A crossbolt safety locks the hammer at full cock with the hammer spur enclosed within the cocking lever arm for unsurpassed weapon reliability during transport or storage. This rifle comes equipped with a 24″ octagonal barrel, American walnut stock with satin finish and 18″ express rear sight. Our American walnut stocks feature rifling along the top of the forend and pistol grip area to enhance accuracy and deliver superior balance. Specifications: – Caliber: 45-70 Govt. – Capacity: 4 Rounds – Barrel Length: 24″ Octagonal – Wood : Satin

Henry has taken their classic lever-action rifle to new heights with the Side Gate. Now you can enjoy the same great side loading design, but with a more compact receiver and a beautiful American Walnut stock and forearm. This rifle is perfect for comfortable shooting in the field or at the range, and it features a 21″ octagonal barrel that delivers pinpoint accuracy up to 300 yards.

Personalized, diamond-checkered walnut stock with pistol grip; sidesaddle swivel studs; round tapered steel barrel with a blued finish; octagonal receiver drilled and tapped for scope mounts.

Lever-action rifle chambered in powerful 45-70 Govt. This rifle comes with a 24″ round barrel and is equipped with an adjustable rear sight and ramp front sight. Its wood stock has contrasting wood on each of the sides, making it an attractive choice. It’s also topped with a blued receiver and lever plus barrel band.

The Henry 45-70 Side Gate was built for power, in every sense of the word. This lever-action rifle is built with a massive round to put down big animals and small game. The octagon barrel design offers smooth loading, plus it looks great. Butt stock and forend are crafted from American walnut, which has been naturally aged to infuse an authentically classic look into the rifle’s appearance.

With the Henry SideGate 45-70 Govt rifle, you get a big, fast-handling, lever action that is ready for anything. From deer in the forest to hogs on the farm this gun can handle it all and do it in style. The all weather blued steel contruction makes sure your rifle is always reliable no matter what conditions you’re working under. This rifle features all of the standard Henry quality and durability, with a match grade. Barrel that is made from a unique alloy of nickel and molybdenum which allows for very low friction and high corrosion resistance. It also features glass bedding, nickeled finished receiver, shock absorbing butt pad, American Walnut stock with sling swivel studs and forearm designed grip points near receiver for safety when dragging gun up steep inclines such as stream beds.

This lever-action rifle was built to last and provide superior performance. The action is forged steel, with a smooth lever operation. A 24″ octagonal barrel ensures consistent accuracy, but there’s also an 18″ option for shooting in tight places. A traditional, straight stock comes in either American walnut or genuine laminated hardwood.

Roar, and leave the rest behind with the all-weather henry side gate .45-70. Backed by an American walnut stock that’s accented by a polished brass receiver and stainless steel lever, this lever-action rifle features a side gate loading system that allows you to quickly access your ammo. An 18.43” octagonal barrel paired with a target crown makes it easy to get precise shots at long distances. Its hammer-forged barrel is simple yet sturdy enough to handle any situation you encounter while hunting.

The Side Gate 45-70 Government rifle was created as a replacement for the world famous 1866 Guide Gun. Its top-grade, figured American walnut stock features hand-rubbed oil finish. The 45-70 Side Gate® is the first Henry rifle with no receiver inlet for an open rear sight (rear sight must be removable). The octagon barrel has a medium weight blued finish, and its hammer-forged breech is drilled and tapped for attaching a receiver sight or scope mount base. This versatile big game rifle takes down quick and easy by removing two pins and separating at the barrel to barrel bands. The iron magazine spring is fixed behind the trap door in the buttstock, allowing faster reloading than other lever action designs. In 1873, when business tycoon Oliver Winchester merged his firearms company with that of inventor Benjamin Henry, he created the name “Henry Repeating Arms Company”. Since then, every product manufactured by this New Haven facility

This rifle features a handsome American walnut stock, blued-steel barrel, and the famous side gate loading system. The octagonal barrel has a recess milled in it to make for easier cleaning than most rifles of this type. The receiver is drilled and tapped for attaching optics makes a great gun for hunters and competitors alike.

The Henry Side Gate is the first double-set trigger Big Boy to be offered in over 100 years. The bottom set trigger comes into play during endurance shooting or when using the iron sights. With the side gate, a simple turn of the wrist will be required to use this trigger properly. In addition, we’ve also added our new hammer and lever lock bar safety system to help prevent accidents while hunting


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