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The Glock 48 9mm pistol in caliber 9mm Luger is of similar length and height as the G19 but the width of the pistol is reduced for increased concealability and high carrying comfort. The magazine capacity of the slim 01 magazine of the G48 is 10 rounds. It comes with a silver colored nPVD coated slide with front serrations.

Designed for comfort, The G48 combines a compact-size grip length, a built-in beaver tail and a minimal profile for a comfortably balanced, versatile grip that´s ideal for a variety of users.

The frame features elements of the Gen5 and Slimline series such the short trigger distance, a frame with a built-in beavertail, a reversible magazine catch and the incredibly accurate, match-grade GLOCK Marksman Barrel (GMB) and precision-milled front serrations.


  • System: Safe Action
  • Barrel Length: 4.17″
  • Weight Empty: 20.74 oz
  • Weight Loaded: 25.12 oz
  • Trigger Pull: 24 N
  • Overall Length: 7.28″
  • Slide Length: 6.85″
  • Overall Width: 1.10″
  • Slide Width: .87″
  • Overall Height: 5.04″
  • The Glock 48 in caliber 9mm Luger is of similar length and height as the G19 but the width of the pistol is reduced for increased concealability and high carrying comfort. The magazine capacity of the slim 01 magazine of the G48 is 10 rounds. It comes with a black coated slide.
    • Glock 48

      The Glock 48 was introduced roughly a year ago and since that time it has garnered a fair amount of attention and popularity. There’s nothing really novel about the G48;

      it is essentially a single-stack G19 which, depending on how you look at it, makes some good sense or very little sense at all.

      Since I make a habit of training with the G43 and carrying it when I’m at home, I’m familiar with the feel, carry, and manipulation of the Glock single-stack pistol platform.

      While the G48 has a longer slide and taller grip, it also has a slightly thicker frame than the G43, so it both feels and shoots like a more substantial pistol than its predecessor.

      As I am not an active warfighter or LEO, the only pistols I care about are everyday-carry pistols; mostly concealed-carry pistols. So I confess that I initially found it hard to justify owning this pistol,

      since it is exactly the same length and height as the G19 and—even though it’s a single stack—it’s almost as thick as the G19. I have therefore long observed that if you can carry a G48, you can carry the much better option of the G19.

      But on serious reflection I’ve come to believe that there are legitimate reasons to own and carry the G48. So, after having spent some time shooting this single-stack pistol, I’ll details some thoughts here you might consider.

      Glock 48

      Why Consider the Glock 48?

      The Glock 48 is a 9mm pistol that is made for concealed carry. It offers a slightly slimmer option to the G19 as a means to reduce the weight in/on your belt and/or for people with smaller hands who don’t like a double-stack grip.

      Loaded, the weight savings vs. a Glock 19 is 5 ounces. The slimmer slide and frame makes the G48 slightly easier to conceal than the G19.

      The reduction in frame width and the single-stack magazine means fewer rounds; the G48 magazine carries 10 rounds. That’s the same capacity as the smaller, but thicker G26. One might think of it as a lighter Commander-size 1911 that is actually reliable.

      Other reasons you might consider the G48 is for when you want less weight and easier concealment, but still want a near-full-size grip and longer slide, and the easier manipulation and control that offers.

      Yet another reason is that you want this smaller option, but still want the dead-simple mechanics and utter reliability of a Glock.

The GLOCK 48 is a pistol that is compact, lightweight and powerful. It has a standard trigger pull of 9.5 pounds and comes in a 9mmCaliber. The magazine is low profile, allowing for better concealment when carrying this firearm. It includes GLOCK’s Safe Action System as well as the GLOCK accessory rail for easy customization.

The Glock 48 is a double-action only, short recoil-operated locked breech pistol chambered in 9x19mm. The Glock 48 is designed to serve as a backup weapon for law enforcement personnel

The Glock 48 is the subcompact handgun that will fit your concealed carry needs. Glock built the 48 with a slim frame, short slide and short barrel to turn this 9mm into a perfect pocket pistol. The standard magazine holds 10 rounds. The integrated uni-directional rifling ensures accuracy from every shot fired. This model comes in black with a stainless steel finish and polymer grips.

The GLOCK 48 is a subcompact pistol developed by GLOCK and manufactured exclusively for the US government. The weapon features a Gen3 polymer frame, with Glock’s Safe Action trigger system. The pistol initially entered production in 2016 and has been fielded by several Federal agencies as well as local law enforcement.

Glock 48 9mm Pistol 10-Rd 2nd Generation Semi-automatic Pistol. The G48 has a Picatinny rail for accessories, and is chambered in 9mm Luger. This pistol features a 3.2 inch barrel and comes with 3 magazines. It has wooden grip panels. It features front glock sights and also weighs 19oz.

The Glock 48 pistol is a compact, single-stack 9 mm model that features a design based on the Glock 43. The Glock 48 features an enlarged magazine catch and an extended Glock grip which aids in concealability. The stainless steel barrel has a nitration finish and the pistol has a polymer frame.

The Glock 48 is a subcompact pistol chambered in 9x19mm. The Glock 48 is similar to the Glock 43, having much the same dimensions and weight, but has slightly different sights. The Glock 48 doesn’t have interchangeable backstraps or grip panels, instead it has a fixed radial heel plate molded into it that extends around the entire circumference of each side of the grip. This design gives increased comfort when firing with a two-handed hold.

The Glock 48 9mm Pistol offers the same Modular Optics System (MOS) mounting system as the Glock M18 pistol, allowing you to mount a reflex red dot sight on this pistol without changing the slide or sights. The Glock 48 offers customization of your holster choice as well. Choose from numerous holsters that accommodate Glock pistols with red dot sights, vertical foregrips, and attachments for laser sights, tactical lights, and more.

GLOCK 48 is a subcompact 9mm pistol. It features a modular back strap, 5.31″ barrel length and comes with two 10 round magazines. The black version of the GLOCK 48 is in stock now at our online store.

The Glock 48 9mm Pistol is a subcompact weapon that features many of the same great features as its larger brothers, including the revolutionary Safe Action system. The Glock 48’s ultra-compact size offers high performance in its class from a single stack magazine pistol. It is available in both bead blasted and FDE frame finishes and 10 round magazines.

The GLOCK 48 is a fully-functional subcompact pistol that packs the power of 9x19mm in a slim, concealable package. With its integral laser sight, you will be able to accurately hit your target with unerring precision at close range and at great speeds.

The Glock 48 9mm Pistol has a 3.78” barrel and is chambered in 9mm. Featuring a dual recoil spring assembly, this pistol provides the shooter with long service life between cleaning. The Glock 48 is also equipped with a large magazine release button that can be easily activated by both left- and right-handed shooters to facilitate fast reloading of the weapon if required.

The New Glock 48 9MM Is Here & It’s AMAZING!

Eager to check out the new GLOCK 48 9MM pistol? I’ll be honest with you, it took me awhile to see why people were so excited about this new handgun model.

I had never shot one and my first impression was that it looked like just another Glock! But as soon as I held it in my hand I fell in love! If you’re interested in this gun, keep reading to find out everything there is to know about the GLOCK 48 9MM and if it’s right for you!

What is the new model called?

The new model is called Glock 48 because of its reduced width, but when it comes to features and performance, it will blow you away. First of all, we have a standard magazine capacity of 10 rounds – that means you’re ready for anything.

Weighing in at just 18.3 ounces unloaded (with magazine), it also has a light weight which makes handling easy no matter what situation you find yourself in.

Plus, with a standard 5-inch barrel length and overall length at 7 inches (7.31 inch slide), it has excellent concealment and combat capabilities due to its low weight-to-length ratio which makes for rapid target acquisition.

And lastly, what would we be if we didn’t say how beautiful it is? With a black polymer frame and black Nitron finish on slide, your Glock 48 looks sleek and sexy as hell. So take advantage of our sale price today!

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Please note that Glock does not manufacture any firearms chambered in .48 caliber. The author has used incorrect information regarding calibers to better illustrate his or her point about firearm sales online without background checks.

This was not done maliciously or with intent to defraud any readers; rather, it was done solely for comedic purposes as part of an attempt at satire.

How does it differ from other models in the same line?

First and foremost, let’s talk about what makes it different. The GLOCK 48 has a 3.5-inch barrel that’s threaded to accept sound suppressors. Given its ease of use, reliability, and accuracy, one can easily see why enthusiasts have been waiting for a subcompact pistol in .380 ACP for years now.

Well guess what? The wait is over thanks to none other than GLOCK. This gun is also equipped with an accessory rail so you can attach accessories like flashlights or lasers if you want.

And last but not least, it comes with two magazines (one with a finger extension) and three interchangeable backstraps so you can customize your grip to fit your hand perfectly.

This gun is perfect for home defense because it allows you to get off more rounds without reloading as well as being easy enough for new shooters to pick up quickly and fire accurately.

I highly recommend adding one of these bad boys to your collection if you don’t already own one! It would make a great gift for any firearm enthusiast on your shopping list.

You really can’t go wrong with Glock when it comes to reliable firearms. Plus, they’re made right here in America by American workers at American factories – just another reason to love them! Happy shopping and God bless America!

What are some of its advantages over other guns on the market?

In my opinion, there are three main advantages to owning a GLOCK handgun. The first is that there is almost no learning curve when it comes to using them. You don’t have to read through pages of manuals and spend hours practicing dry fire exercises before you get out on the range for your first time.

They are so simple and intuitive, I’ve heard them described as plumbing with buttons – if you can use a flush toilet, you can use a GLOCK without any trouble at all.

What makes them so easy to operate? That leads me into advantage number two: they’re extremely user-friendly and (as far as handguns go) very safe…there’s nothing overly complicated about their design or operation.

And lastly, one thing I really like about GLOCKs is that they’re modular in nature. By which I mean that you can customize them by swapping different components around.

For example, if you buy a new barrel and slide assembly for your G19, then take off your old slide assembly and replace it with your new one, you now have a G19 Gen4 instead of just another G19 Gen3 like everyone else.

Or if you want to turn your G22 Gen4 into a 10mm Auto pistol instead of just another .40 S&W version like everyone else has…you can do that too by simply swapping out some parts from other models in their lineup. All of these things make GLOCK pistols incredibly fun to own and shoot.

But why am I telling you all of this? Because right now there’s an amazing deal going on over at CDNN Sports where they’re selling brand new Glock 48 pistols for $649 + free shipping…that includes TWO 15 round magazines AND a hard plastic carrying case!

At that price, I highly recommend you check them out ASAP because supplies are limited and once they sell out, who knows how long it will be until we see another deal like that again?! Click here to check them out right now!

What are some cons to consider when purchasing this gun?

The biggest con is that it’s a single-stack 9mm, which means you get 7 rounds max in one mag. However, if you use a different brand of extended magazine (XC1 by Taran Tactical), you can get more rounds in there, but still not as many as other guns in its class.

Another con would be its size; it is quite big for a concealed carry gun and won’t fit comfortably under all clothes. However, at 3 wide and 6.5 tall, it’s actually not that much bigger than some other pistols of similar size—which I think is pretty amazing given all of its features.

Overall, I really don’t have any cons to consider when purchasing this gun. If you are looking for a great range/carry pistol or something to protect your life with, then look no further than GLOCK 48 9MM PISTOL FOR SALE ONLINE TODAY! BUY GLOCK 48 9MM PISTOL ONLINE HERE.

This new version has even been rated higher than both HK VP9 and Sig P320 RX…and they were two of my favorite guns before buying my Glock 48 9MM. This will definitely take over as my favorite carry gun! You won’t regret buying Glock 48 9MM Pistol! Buy Glock 48 9MM Pistol here.
All in all, what are my thoughts on Glock 48? I love it!! My hands thank me every time I shoot it. In fact, just about everyone who shoots it loves it too!! You should seriously buy Glock 48 9MM Pistol now because once these start hitting shelves around January 2017, people will go crazy for them and prices may go up due to high demand!

Does it have accessories available for purchase?

Unfortunately not. The Glock 48 comes only with one magazine, which makes it a single-stack concealed carry pistol. For right now, there are no accessories or add-ons for purchase when you buy a Glock 48. That might change in time as accessories are added to their lineup of Glock products, but there’s no telling when that might happen.

In any case, don’t let that deter you from purchasing your Glock 48—it is still an amazing handgun and worth every penny of its $599 price tag. As more accessories become available for sale, we will update our review accordingly. We hope that helps clear up any confusion about whether or not accessories are available for purchase at this time.

Thank you so much for reading our Glock 48 review! We appreciate your support and trust in us as we continue to provide information on some of today’s most popular firearms. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions regarding our Glock 48 review, please leave them below and we will get back to you shortly.

Have a great day everyone! We love to hear feedback! Please feel free to send us any feedback or questions you may have. We would love if you could give us 5 stars on iTunes by clicking here .

It would really help us out, plus we would love to see how we are doing in terms of helping people understand guns and gun laws through our podcast episodes. Thanks again for listening and supporting Our Second Amendment Podcast !

When will be it released?

Glock has announced that they’ll be releasing two new models at SHOT Show in Las Vegas. The first is a highly anticipated subcompact Glock 26 model that boasts 12+1 rounds of .40 S&W.

The other will be their first slimline single stack pistol and possibly their most innovative one to date: The GLOCK 48. More than likely, these will both release sometime in 2018 after SHOT Show. We won’t know for sure until then but we’ll update you as soon as more details are released.

In addition to these handguns, Glock is also rumored to have a subcompact version of their G17 Generation 5 MOS (Modular Optic System) handgun slated for release sometime in 2018. Although there isn’t much information about it yet, Glock does have patents pending on optics for their Gen5 pistols so it looks like we can expect something soon.

I’m personally looking forward to seeing what Glock comes out with next year. I don’t think anyone could disagree with me when I say Glock makes some of the best polymer framed guns on the market today. Their pistols have been popular since day one and continue to dominate markets all over America.

If you want a great concealed carry or home defense gun, Glock has you covered every time. That being said, I would love to see them come out with an even smaller single stack 9mm option down the road similar to what Springfield Armory did with their XDS line up.

Maybe someday… With each new Glock announcement comes more questions from consumers. What do you want to know? Leave your questions below in our comments section and we’ll do our best to answer them as quickly as possible.

Let us know if there are any features that you would like added into future Glock pistols or anything else that you think Glock should consider making a priority moving forward.
Thank You For Reading

Where can I find a store near me that sells this gun?

Thankfully, there are some great places to buy a gun in your area. The most convenient way to find a local store that sells guns is by using an online shopping resource like Google or Bing. This can help you search for reputable local stores and even offer reviews on them.

If you’re not sure where you want to buy it from, try searching for your location and gun shop. Using a search engine will pull up results for nearby stores that sell guns, which can come in handy if you need to do an immediate purchase from somewhere close by.

You might also consider contacting friends who own guns or shooting clubs, who might be able to recommend dealers near your area. Don’t forget to check out sporting goods stores as well—they’re often a good place to look for hunting rifles and shotguns.

Don’t overlook pawn shops either; they sometimes carry firearms at lower prices than other stores.

Remember: Always exercise caution when buying firearms online or from private sellers; they may not have gone through background checks yet, so they could be dangerous individuals with criminal records.

Never go alone—always bring someone with you when purchasing firearms or ammunition, especially if you’re going into unfamiliar territory.

And always keep your firearm locked away in a safe after you’ve purchased it. Your new Glock 48 pistol should arrive within 10-14 business days, depending on how far away you live from our nearest warehouse.

We’ll send tracking information once we’ve shipped your order, so keep an eye out for updates via email. To make sure that you get exactly what you want (and nothing else), all orders placed before 2pm EST will ship same day!

Thats the reason why the payback period is often a year and a half.

There is no minimum age requirement to purchase a handgun or long gun (rifle/shotgun). However, Federal law requires all persons under 18 years of age to be cleared by state/local law enforcement agencies prior to any firearm being transferred to them.

Thats the reason why the payback period is often a year and a half.



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