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  • Manufactured of 7075-T6 Billet Aluminum
  • Graceful complex curves show off the attention to detail and machining.
  • Fully compatible with all AR-15 lower receiver parts kits.
  • Set-screw retained take-down pin spring for easy assembly.
  • Anodized Black.
  • Enlarged, integrated trigger guard.
  • Guarded, guided magazine release compatible with Norgon Ambi options.

ARAK-21 XRS Rifle Includes:

  • ARAK-21 XRS Rifle
  • B5 SOPMOD Bravo Stock
  • Hogue Grip
  • Ambidextrous Safety/Selector
  • Shipping Box
  • Manual
  • BAU Removal Tools
  • Magazine
  • Magazine Marker Band
  • Bolt & Firing Pin
  • Recoil Spring

7.62×39 Caliber Kit:

  • The factory recommends a high-power hammer spring to use with the 7.62×39 kit.
  • Many aftermarket “light” triggers will not reliably ignite 7.62×39 surplus ammunition.
  • A spring is included and installed on XRS rifles ordered with the caliber. It is sold separately for the upper or caliber kit only.
  • Faxon recommends HiperFire triggers with a special spring kit for an improved trigger pull.

This rifle has all the features you need, and makes a great addition to your collection. With a 16” barrel length, adjustable gas system, mid-length or rifle length handguard options, and Magpul furniture this rifle is ready for any duty. The ARAK-21 XRS 7.62x39mm is an excellent choice for those looking to add an AK style rifle without breaking the bank.

The ARAK-21 XRS is the pinnacle of modern rifle design. The ARAK platform is a truly ambidextrous system, offering the best of every world in one high-performance firearms system. From its spiral fluted barrel, PVD coated bolt carrier group, to its fully ambidextrous controls, the ARAK-21 XRS was built with performance and versatility in mind.

“One look at the ARAK-21 XRS and you know you’re looking at something special. The long, quad rail handguard gives you plenty of room for optics, lights and lasers to fit exactly where you want them. Faxon Firearms knows that end users are always looking for ways to customize their rifle, so they developed the ARAK-21 in such a way that it can accept any standard AR lower receiver or Mil-Spec forged A2 stock extension. This is truly a dream come true for gun enthusiasts everywhere.”

The ARAK-21 is a modern sporting rifle with an ultra-sleek design. We took the basic AR-15 platform, and improved upon all of its weak points. With a heavy emphasis on weight reduction, durability, ergonomics and strength, we ended up with a rifle that is almost twice as accurate as a standard AR and unbelievably strong

The ARAK-21 XRS is a revolutionary weapon that utilizes the same core design principals as the original ARAK-21, but with upgrades specific to the AR-15 and AR-308 platforms. The ARAK-21 XRS 7.62x39mm Rifle is engineered to be compatible with most standard AR15 lower receivers, while retaining all of the strength and reliability of an AK style rifle.

The ARAK-21 XRS by Faxon Firearms is not just another AK-47 type rifle. This rifle has been specifically engineered to be lighter, faster cycling, and more ergonomic while improving reliability. Weighing only 6.5 lbs., the ARAK-21 XRS 7.62x39mm Rifle provides shooters with a modern alternative to the heavier rifles on the market today. The 16” Accuracy International Chassis System (AICS) compatible aluminum forend rail quickly changes between platforms with minimal tools and allows for your preferred optic or iron sights to be utilized. The ARAK-21 follows all NFA regulations when completed as it comes without any vertical grip

The FAXON XRS-A is the ideal option for those who want a quality built rifle that is easily convertible between right and left hand to accommodate any shooter’s preference. The ARAK-21 XRS has all the features you would expect from a standard AR-15, plus several innovative add-ons specifically designed for modern combat scenarios.

Built from the best materials and with the highest attention to detail, our ARAK-21s are built to be battle proven. All models feature our XRS top rail, ensuring zero issues when installing your favorite optic.

This Faxon Firearms ARAK-21 XRS 16 7.62×39 Rifle is a great choice for anyone looking to add one of the most popular rifles in the world to their collection. Lightweight and compact, the ARAK-21 is built to be lighter, smaller and more ergonomic than other popular AK variants on the market today. It features a 16″ barrel with a hybrid gas impingement system and includes an M-Lok handguard which allows users to mount accessories wherever needed. The quad rail system also makes it easy to add accessories such as lights and lasers as needed on either side of the gun

Introducing the new ARAK-21 XRS 7.62×39 Rifle from Faxon Firearms. Built around a mil-spec trunnion and made out of billet 7075 T6 aluminum, this rifle is built to last. The 16” (.223 Wylde) barreled upper uses an 11 degree target crown for superior accuracy. The forged 4150 chrome moly vanadium A3 M4 feed ramps make using this rifle extremely reliable under extreme conditions.

The ARAK-21 XRS has been engineered as a dedicated 7.62x39mm platform. This flat top, semi-automatic modern sporting rifle is built around an 11″ 4150 nitride treated barrel and features our Ambidextrous Safety Selector and Faxon’s A3 Flat Top Upper; which are both KeyMod compatible. The A2 flash hider has been threaded for an included 5/8×24 thread protector and finished off with a 13″ slim keymod rail section to fully complete this upper

The ARAK-21 XRS is Faxon Firearms best selling AR-10 variant. We paired our XRS barrel with a 7.62×39 bolt, and completed it with the classic chromoly keymod handguards to create this awesome rifle. This will be ideal for home or personal defense with the ability to take any 7.62×39 ammunition, or it can be used at the range putting down .30 cal holes in paper targets or steel plates!

Thats the reason why the payback period is often a year and a half.


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