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Product Type Lever-Action Rifle
Manufacturer Citadel
Thread Pitch 1/2×28
Color Black
Barrel Length 16.5″
Caliber .44 Magnum


CITADEL LEVTAC-92 .44 MAG LEVER ACTION RIFLE – 16.5″. The Citadel LEVTAC-92 Lever Action Rifle brings modern improvements to a classic design. This Model 92 lever action rifle is chambered in .44 Magnum with an 8 round magazine tube and an 16.5 inch barrel.

Instead of a traditional wood forend, the LEVTAC-92 is outfitted with an aluminum M-LOK handguard for easily and securely attaching lights, lasers, and other accessories.

The muzzle

The muzzle is threaded for attaching muzzle devices such as brakes, flash hiders, and suppressors, making for an extremely quiet platform.

picatinny rail

The top picatinny rail is perfect for mounting optics whether you want a red dot sight for quick target acquisition or a scope for taking more accurate long distance shots.


Additionally, it comes with a peep rear sight and a blade front sight installed. The stock is made from lightweight synthetic material and the loop has been enlarged for use with gloves.

A side loading gate allows you to quickly load rounds into the tube to ensure you never run dry. If you are looking for a 44 Magnum lever action rifle but want something with a little more modularity, you can’t go wrong with the Citadel LEVTAC-92.



  • 16.5″ Barrel
  • Chambered in .44 Magnum
  • 1/2×28 Thread Pitch
  • M-LOK handguard
  • Peep sight with blade
  • Picatinny top rail
  • Large loop
  • Synthetic stock

While We try to stay current on all state laws, it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the firearm they are purchasing is legal to ship, as presented on our website, to their dealer of choice, and that the dealer is willing to accept the transfer.

The Citadel LEVTAC-92 is a high-quality, value priced firearm that comes with a 1 year limited warranty. This gun features a 16.5 inch octagonal barrel and the synthetic straight stock has an oil finish. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own this rifle at a great price!

The LEVTAC-92 is a lever action rifle in .357 / .44 Magnum. The smooth, swift cycling of the robust power plant is achieved by virtue of a spring loaded toggle mechanism, synchronized with the recoil action. The straight pull bolt and powerful long stroke gas piston design allows extreme reliability even under harsh operating conditions.

CITADEL LEVTAC-92 .44 MAG LEVER ACTION RIFLE – 16.5″Product Description:The Citadel LEVTAC-92 is a solid and reliable lever action rifle that features a short 16.25 inch barrel and synthetic rubber over molded pistol grip and forearm.

The stock and forearm are available in Mossy Oak camo or black, the receiver is a black or stainless steel finish, while the lever, trigger guard, magazine tube cap and butt plate are finished in nickel plate. The top of the tang is drilled and tapped for a Weaver style scope base or weaver style rings

Citadel LEVTAC-92 is a modern take on the lever action rifle and the first rifle to feature the revolutionary Citadel SPRED pressure wave release technology.

Citadel’s SPRED system confers super critical velocity and bullet energy by transforming gases into a bullet–much like what happens in nature with a cannon, but with more control and greater power capacity. The LEVTAC-92 is built of all-weather polymer, alloy steel and titanium components that are CNC machined.

The Citadel LEVTAC-92 is a new lever action rifle for 2015. This rifle has all the reliability you have come to expect from Citadel with a bold new look and in stock ready to ship!!

Citadel LEVTAC-92 lever action rifle is the ultimate lever-action, rugged and reliable. This rifle features a 16.5″ barrel, a blued finish, a scope rail and an adjustable rear sight. The buttstock has pistol grip and a cheek piece to help you steady your shot. This rifle also includes a 30-round magazine and sling.”

The Citadel LEVTAC-92 gives you all of the performance and reliability you would expect from a Texas Arms rifle with the added advantage of being able to accept higher capacity magazines! The standard 8″ Stainless Barrel makes this rifle accurate and quick, an ideal choice for Law Enforcement applications or hunting.

LEVTAK-92 (Lever Tactical), a bolt-action lever action rifle, is designed to be powerful enough for hunting and shooting competitions, yet compact enough for life in the field. The 16.5″ barreled gun features a stainless steel bull barrel with a recessed muzzle crown, walnut stock and forearm, factory installed iron sights and a 5-round magazine tube.

The Citadel LEVTAC-92 Lever Action Rifle is an all-new rifle built to handle today’s modern lever action market. Using the same proven design that has been built into our legendary lever guns through the decades, we have created a sleek and beautiful carbine that no hunter can resist.

Citadel LEVTAC-92 .44 Magnum Lever Action Rifle is a traditional lever action rifle offering scoped comfort, smooth operation and the reliability of the lever action design. This short-barreled rifle wears a durable black polymer stock with a rubber buttpad, which houses an 18.5″ blued steel octagonal barrel with open sights and solid brass receiver. The Cimarron shooter’s logo adorns the lever for added style and the spur hammers have been converted to fire pin blocks for added safety.

The CITADEL LEVTAC-92 .44 MAG LEVER ACTION RIFLE is a great addition to any collection, and it’s handy for hunting varmints or protecting food plots. This .44 Magnum lever action rifle features a 16.5″ blued barrel with a brown laminated stock, pistol grip, and a Picatinny rail with scope mount.

A modern take on a classic lever-action rifle, the Citadel LEVTAC-92 .357 Magnum combines a blued finish with sleek lines and a tactical-style stock. The 26” barrel provides improved ballistics and velocity, while the adjustable sight system allows quick customization for ideal accuracy. This Axis Compact in .44 Mag is designed for use with AR accessories, and has been tested for strength and reliability by winning the Maine State Police contract.

The Citadel LEVTAC-92 is a lever action rifle for sale designed for big game hunting, personal protection and target shooting. This rifle features a 16.5″ barrel with an overall length of 36″, a 6-shot capacity, an iron front sight and adjustable rear sight, synthetic black walnut stock and grooved forend.

semi-automatic lever action rifle comes with two 20 round magazines, sling, and scope. The LEVTAC-92 is a heavy duty rifle with stainless steel barrel, bolt assembly, and trigger components. It features polymer furniture in black.

The LEVTAC-92.44MAG features a 20 inch blued barrel, with a scope rail and sling swivel studs. The trigger is micro adjustable and the safety can be configured as a thumb safety or as a cross bolt safety.

The LEVTAC 92 is the perfect rifle for both around-the-house defense, and hunting small game. It features speckled wood for a unique look, semi-buckhorn sights, and 19″ barrel. The 2-inch wide checkered hammer grip stock not only has superior gripping power but also makes this lever action rifle suitable for shooters of all sizes.

The LEVTAC-92 Lever Action Rifle is a modern take on an old classic. The rifle features a 16.5″ barrel, .44 magnum caliber and a two-piece takedown design for quick cleaning and storage. The stock has a sleek handguard with a heatshield built in to keep your hands cool when the action flies. This rifle is perfect for taking on your next hunt.

The Citadel LEWTAC92 lever rifle features a 16.5″ barrel and includes Weaver scope bases and rings. The stock is made of American walnut, with an adjustable cheekpiece and length of pull. This rifle has a blued steel receiver, blued steel lever, bolt, floor plate and trigger assembly, blued barrel. Its wood finish will give it a vintage look.

If you’re looking for a firearm that brings out the cowboy in you, then the Citadel LEVTAC-92 is for you. This lever action rifle comes with a 16.5 inch octagonal barrel and forearm that makes it easy to handle, even if you are standing on rough terrain. Made of an alloy of nickel-chromium molybdenum steel, it is corrosion resistant, tough and durable. The black oxide finish adds to its good looks.

The Citadel LEVTAC-92 .44 Magnum Lever Action Rifle is a left-handed, lever action rifle chambered for .44 Magnum ammunition. This firearm has an 18″ barrel and has a matte black finish from the receiver to the blued barrel. The LEVTAC-92 is equipped with iron sights and comes standard with two 8-round detachable magazines.

Shoot the new Citadel LEVTAC-92 lever action rifle. The LEVTAC-92 features a 16.5 inch barrel and accepts factory ammunition in .44 magnum, .45 long colt, nominal firing pin required. Choose to have your bullets loaded into our internal magazine tube or with an external magazine such as a Rio Grande Magazine Tube / Magazine Carrier.

The Citadel LEVTAC-92 is the perfect addition to any serious firearms collection. Built on a 92 Winchester action and weighing in at 6.5 lbs., this rifle is extremely accurate. It has a matte blued-finish, black composite stock and forearm with checkering on the grip and forend and has a forward mounted scope mount installed.

The LEVTAC-92 is a handsome, reliable, powerful lever action rifle in .44 Magnum & .45 Colt. The rifle’s design originated from the famous Winchester 1892. This gun has a 22″ barrel, case colored receiver and black laminated hardwood stock. The gun weighs 7 lbs. The action provides for smoother operation under adverse conditions and for increased strength and reliability, which makes this rifle an exceptional choice for demanding users who require only the best in a lever action rifle.

Get the elite features of a lever action rifle with the Citadel LEVTAC-92. This .44 Magnum lever action rifle is constructed from top-of-the-line materials and comes with a 6+1 capacity. The rifle has a 16.5″ barrel, adjustable rear sight and folding blade front sight, which are great choices for accuracy on target at long distance.

The Citadel LEVTAC 92 is a true lever action rifle. Features include a two-piece design, steel receiver and hammer forged barrel and finger lever.

The CITADEL LEVTAC-92 .44 MAG Lever Action Rifle has a polished blue finish and is perfectly balanced. This rifle has a 16.5″ barrel and comes with an adjustable semi-buckhorn rear sight and lever release front sight. It is a carbine length barrel that weighs only 7 lbs., but is still reliable enough for hunting and home defense. The LEVTAC-92 also has a fixed choke, which means you can use slugs or even smaller shot sizes easily. The rifle has a blued barrel and a checkered walnut full pistol grip stock with cut checkering

The LEVTAC-92 is a lightweight, compact, low recoil, and reliable lever action rifle. The receiver is constructed from aluminum alloy with a blued barrel, hammer forged barrel, and black synthetic stock.

This is the new Citadel LEVTAC-92 Lever Action Rifle chambered in .44 Magnum with an 18.25 inch barrel and blued finish. It has a 6 round detachable magazine, a pinned front sight with a fully adjustable rear sight, and a laminated hardwood stock. This rifle comes with the box and manual.

The Citadel LEVTAC-92 .44 Magnum Lever Action Rifle by Dakota Arms combines the reliability of a traditional lever action with the power of a modern centerfire cartridge. Built with a 16.5″ barrel and weighing 6.5 lbs., this rifle will perform at the range or in the field.

The Citadel LEVTAC-92 is a Lever Action Rifle that can be chambered in either .44 Remington Magnum or .44 Winchester Magnum. The 16.5″ barrel gives you fast shooting ability, while the magazine capacity of 6 rounds allows you to hit your target with precision and power whenever you need it.

The LEVTAC-92 is a lever action rifle that offers shooters the best of both worlds, combining the sleek lines of today’s modern sporting rifles with the open sights and direct feel of a classic lever action platform. The LEVTAC-92 features an 18.5″ fluted barrel and fixed sights to ensure you always get accurate shots on target, while the all-new Magpul stock provides an exceptionally comfortable hold while offering an adjustable length of pull from 12.75″ – 15.25″, as well as plenty of dovetailed rails for adding accessories like lights and laser optics.


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