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SKU 11701
Product Type Shotgun
Manufacturer Benelli
Barrel Length 18.5″
Caliber 12 Gauge


BENELLI M4 TACTICAL 12 GAUGE PISTOL GRIP SHOTGUN. Currently deployed by the U.S. Marine Corps in combat theaters around the world, the Benelli M1014 sets the standard for military shotgun performance and reliability.

The Benelli M1014 comes standard with a fixed-position skeletonized stock with a pistol grip and separate cheek piece. All the external surfaces are protected with an anti-reflective MILSPEC finish.


  • Magazine Capacity: 5+1
  • Gauge: 12 Gauge
  • Barrel Length: 18.5″
  • Chokes: M
  • Type of Sights: Ghost Ring
  • Length of Pull: 14-3/8″
  • Drop at Heel: 2-1/4″
  • Drop at Comb: 1-1/2″


Anti-reflective MILSPEC finish. Picatinny rail is included

BENELLI M4 TACTICAL 12 GAUGE PISTOL GRIP SHOTGUN. This full sized Shotgun features a pistol grip and not a stock, making it ideal for home defense or law enforcement use.

The Benelli M4 Tactical is a 12 gauge semi-automatic shotgun featuring a pistol grip and an 18″ barrel. This model has a magazine capacity of 5+1, has an adjustable length of pull and length of pull, and weighs 6 pounds 1 ounce unloaded. The matte black finish is accented with green checkering.

This Benelli M4 Tactical 12 gauge shotgun features an easy-to-reach pistol grip, a removable choke system, and Picatinny rail on top. This combination allows for multiple configurations and customized setups to fit any shooter’s individual needs.

The M4 Tactical is a semi-automatic shotgun that features a pistol grip, an 18.5″ barrel and ghost ring sights. It’s available in both Mossy Oak and Realtree camo patterns, weighs 8 lbs. 2 oz., and has a length of 37 inches with stock folded.

The Benelli M4 Tactical is a semi-automatic shotgun with a pistol grip and 18.5 inch barrel. It has an aluminum alloy receiver and synthetic stock, with a ghost ring rear sight and provision for mounting optics. This model also has a picatinny rail on top of the receiver for mounting accessories such as flashlights and lasers.

The Benelli M4 Tactical is a 12 gauge pump action shotgun featuring an 18-inch barrel and pistol grip for easier handling. The M4 Tactical has a synthetic stock, removable choke tubes and weighs in at 7.9 pounds unloaded. Great for hunting or home defense, this tactical shotgun is built with durability and comfort in mind.

The Benelli M4 Tactical Semi-Auto Shotgun features a 26″ ventilated rib barrel, full length magazine and pistol grip for greater control. The self-cleaning gas operated system and inertia driven rotating bolt action ensure smooth shooting, easy and quick follow up shots with minimal recoil. The M4 Tactical is fed through a 5 round removable box magazine or 2 3/4″ shells.

The Benelli M4 Tactical Shotgun is built for those who demand the ultimate in compact, semi-auto 12-gauge performance. The M4 has a pistol grip and shoulder stock position, which allows you to get comfortable and shoot accurately without being restricted by an awkward long barrel. Its low receiver places the balance point of the firearm close to your hand so it can float effortlessly as you move through doors, climb stairs or run down the street–all while maintaining its tactical advantages.

BENELLI M4 TACTICAL 12 GAUGE PISTOL GRIP SHOTGUN is designed for use by law enforcement and military tactical teams. The shotgun features a smooth-operating action, optimized for a variety of ammunition types and chokes. The oversized charging handle allows for rapid operation, even when wearing gloves. This shotgun includes a Picatinny rail mounted on top of the receiver that can be used to mount accessories such as optics or lights.

The Benelli M4 Tactical 12 gauge shotgun is the ultimate all-rounder. This shotgun features a pistol grip and collapsible stock for easy maneuverability, as well as a Picatinny rail for adding on accessories. It also has a 3-round magazine capacity and comes with 4 choke tubes: cylinder, improved modified & full.

The M4 Tactical is an awesome choice for your first shotgun. With its sleek design and fast-handling features, you’ll want to get out and shoot more often than ever before.

The M4 Tactical Shotgun is the perfect choice for home defense, law enforcement and military. The choice of many elite military units and police forces around the world, this semi-auto shotgun features an 18.5″ barrel with choke tube ready improved cylinder & modified choke tubes included. Fully-adjustable ghost ring sights allow for precision at extended ranges and its smooth cycling action will allow fast follow up shots if need be.

The Benelli M4 Tactical shotgun features a pistol grip, 3.5″ chamber and 18.5″ barrel, a synthetic stock and forearm, Picatinny rail system on top of the receiver and an adjustable telescoping buttstock. Chambered in 12 gauge, it has a magazine capacity of 5+1 rounds.

The M4 Tactical shotgun is a semi-automatic shotgun featuring advanced ergonomics, improved handling and performance, new tactical pistol grip style. The M4 Tactical is an ideal choice for police or military use, as well as any scenario where close quarter combat and fast maneuverability are required.

The M4 Tactical is a unique variation on the classic M1 Super 90, featuring a pistol-grip style grip and 18.5″ barrel in 12 gauge. The shotgun’s operating system utilizes dual action bars to cycle its inertia-assisted action and is operated via a single selector lever that allows for safe operation on either right or left hand side by simply flipping it around. The magazine tube holds 4+1 shells and includes an adapter so they can be used with standard length 2 3/4″ or 3″ shotshells if desired.

Benelli’s M4 Tactical features a non-restricted barrel, which means you can use it anywhere in Canada without having to register with the government. Chambered for 12 gauge, this shotgun holds 5+1 rounds of shells and is capable of firing 2 3/4″ or 3″ ammunition. It has an 18.5″ barrel with a fixed cylinder choke and pistol grip for easy handling out in the field

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