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Designed with both precision and modularity in mind, the MRAD is equally at home on the range or on duty. Its monolithic upper receiver is machined from 7000-series aluminum, including a full-length M1913 Picatinny top rail with built-in taper for long range precision.

With mounting slots at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock, its hand guard offers a rigid, highly adaptable interface for attachment of rails, electro-optics, and other accessories. Featuring a user- changeable barrel system, the MRAD can quickly and easily be converted to one of 8 different calibers or multiple barrel lengths by simply loosening two bolts using a standard Torx wrench; no gunsmith required.

Contained within the lower receiver is a fully adjustable match-grade trigger module, allowing the user to easily set their ideal pull. The MRAD stock folds on the right side, reducing overall width for a minimal footprint and ease of transport. When extended, the stock locks securely into place, providing an interface as rigid and stable as any fixed-stock rifle.

With tool-less length of pull and cheek piece height adjustment, the MRAD is easily configured to fit shooters of all shapes and sizes. The use of ambidextrous paddle-style magazine release, left/right swappable thumb safety and AR15/M16 pistol grips makes the MRAD perfect for both right and left handed shooters. From competition to combat, the Barrett MRAD does it all.


  • Caliber: 338 Lupa Magnum
  • Barrel Length: 26:
  • Twist Rate: 1:9.4
  • Operation: Bolt Action
  • Weight: 12.92 lbs
  • Rail Length: 22″
  • Magazine Capacity: 10 Rounds

This 338 Ruger MRA D is manufactured by Barrett firearms company. It’s a bolt-action rifle chambered in the powerful 338 Lapua cartridge, and features the very accurate heavy barrel fluting and Tungsten grey Cerakote finish. The MRAD is designed to be a lightweight, ultra-precision rifle with superb accuracy and enhanced ergonomics. Includes a Picatinny rail and folding rear monopod as standard

Designed with the utmost precision and craftsmanship in mind, the Barrett M.R.A.D. is a bolt-action rifle built specifically for military, law enforcement and security use. This premier rifle offers a 24″ 416R stainless steel match-grade barrel with an integrated muzzle brake that can cycle up to 3,000 rounds per minute, yet maintains sub-MOA accuracy at 1,000 yards.

The MRAD is the latest product from Barrett, renowned for its long range sniper rifles. While our legendary .50 BMG rifles continue to dominate the battlefield, we are excited to introduce a new standard in multi-caliber bolt action rifles for sportsmen and long distance shooters who demand the utmost in performance. We call it The next generation of extreme accuracy.

The B.A.R.R.E.T.T. M.R.A.D is a bolt-action, medium-caliber rifle designed to excel in all types of hunting situations, as well as tactical applications where more than one shot is necessary to down the target animal. The M.R.A.D features a free-floating heavy fluted barrel and our proprietary modular grip design that allows for a multitude of custom grip options, including our enhanced polymer finger grooves with rubberized knurled surface panels and interchangeable grip liners – Ruger logo molded into grip panels

The Brute .338 Rifle is a rock-solid rifle with the accuracy and velocity of the 338 Lapua Magnum cartridge. It’s an extremely high-performance weapon that will consistently provide sub MOA precision out to 1000 yards, or even beyond. This particular rifle features a 22-inch heavy stainless steel fluted blued bull barrel and receiver. It has a 2-stage adjustable trigger and 34 MOA cant Picatinny rail, adjustable tactical buttstock and bipod all zeroed in at 100 yards, making it ready to use right out of the box. The rifle comes with a 10 round magazine, suppressor mount, EGW scope base, sling, burris rings and magpul flip ups. If you want performance built into this already impressive design then order now!

The Barrett M.R.A.D., an acronym for Marksman Rifle, Ambidextrous, is a bolt-action long-range rifle developed by Barrett Firearms Manufacturing. The M.R.A.D.’s design goal was to create a rifle that could be easily fired from either shoulder while still having the accuracy and reliability necessary for use as a long range sniper rifle or as a designated marksman rifle in close-quarters combat or as a counter-sniper weapon system/gun truck weapon for military and police organizations.

The MRAD is a bolt-action precision rifle designed to meet today’s demanding long range accuracy, repeatability, and dependability requirements. The receiver is machined from solid billet aluminum with a hard anodized 7075 finish for extreme strength and low weight and features the innovative quick release barrel design allowing for fast removal but requires two tools for assembly. The trigger is user tunable by way of only one user supplied tool and is adjustable from 1.25 pounds to 5 pounds in 0.5 pound increments.

The Barrett M82A1 is the semi-automatic version of the M80A1 (used extensively by the Marine Corps) and is designed for military medium range applications. The design consists of a barrel and receiver unit, which are removable and dismountable, an attached collapsible buttstock, a mounting rail system for sights or scopes and a bipod attached to front barrel band. The weapon weighs approximately 24 pounds unloaded, has an overall length of approximately 40″ with barrel collapsed or 71” extended and fires the .50 BMG round at a muzzle velocity of 2760 fps with 2800 ft/lbs of energy. A suppressor can be mounted on the end of the barrel to reduce audible noise levels and flash signature. The heavy barrel construction ensures that internal parts will not be damaged by excessive heat build-up when firing this powerful round.

The Barrett MRAD 338 is the pinnacle in long range precision shooting accuracy. Featuring a 24 inch barrel, this rifle has enough power to hit targets at distances up to 1000 yards. The bolt action system makes it easy to load your rounds, with a large capacity magazine that holds 5 rounds at a time. The muzzle breaks help keep your muzzle velocity low for accurate long range hits.

The Barrett MRAD is the first rifle built for long range, precision shooting that is equally precise at close range. That’s because it is chambered in .338 LM – an accurate, powerful and popular round that maximizes performance on big game from one shot to another. With its tactical black tungsten grey Cerakote finish, 3-Lug 7075 T6 aluminum receiver and lightweight Keymod handguard system, this bolt-action rifle is sure to stand out.

The Barrett MRAD is a revolutionary new bolt-action rifle that redefines long-range accuracy. Unlike traditional bolt action rifles, the MRAD action is incredibly smooth, with several self-cleaning and anti-creep features to ensure that every round fired will be delivered with maximum accuracy

The Barrett MRAD Series is truly the ultimate in flat-shooting rifles. For starters, it features a three-lug bolt design that provides extremely smooth feeding and cycling while slowing down the bolt speed to reduce wear and increase service life. The fluted barrel increases rigidity and dissipates heat quickly while reducing weight without sacrificing accuracy or precision. The skeletonized buttstock of the MRAD is crafted with glass-filled nylon for superior strength and durability which results in a lighter rifle overall.

barrett mrad 338 for sale This rifle is equipped with an optional muzzle brake and magazine capable of holding up to 5 rounds of .338 ammunition. Comes with stock. RTA Bolt Action rifle platform Designed for long-range accuracy A high quality piece of equipment The Barrett MRAD bolt action rifle is designed for long-range accuracy in a lightweight and portable package.

This is a new Barrett mrad 338 for sale. It comes with an original hard case, barrel and picatinny rail.

Looking for a Barrett MRad? We have the best selection anywhere. Shop today!

The Barrett MRAD was developed to minimize the effects of a soldier’s natural ergonomic tendencies. It is also extremely adaptable and can be easily configured to meet mission requirements.

This is a barrett mrad 338 for sale, barrett 338 mrad for sale and barrett mrad 338 lapua for sale. I have an amazing deal on a used barrett mrad 338. The mrad is selling new for $4500.00 and has been professionally cerakoted 60/40 magpul fde tan/tac green. This mrad is only 2 years old and has less then 100 rounds put through it. The only reason i am selling this rifle is because i am looking to build another long range rifle similar with the same attributes on my next project and not happy with any of the available commercial actions. Get yourself your next custom long range hunting rifle at an amazing price today!

The Barrett 338 Mrad (Max Range) offers a lightweight and modular platform using the standard Remington 700 footprint. The lightest .338 Mrad on the market, the barrel is chambered in .338 Lapua Magnum with a 28” barrel for additional velocity and range to 1,300 yards. Extra-long action screws provide additional thread engagement into the receiver for more support.

The Barrett MRad 338 is built to provide the ultimate precision rifle experience. Designed with the most advanced technology and components, this rifle delivers extreme accuracy with an exceptionally high degree of reliability in field conditions over long distances.

The Barrett M82A1 is a .50 BMG (12.7×99mm NATO) bolt-action anti-materiel sniper rifle developed by the American Barrett Firearms Manufacturing company. It is used by some units of the United States Army, Marine Corps and Special Operations Command. It is also used by some police departments and other law enforcement agencies around the world, such as the Philippine National Police, who acquired their first M82A1 rifles in 1988 from South Korea after the 1986 EDSA Revolution (although the upgraded M107 was later issued).

barrett mrad 338 for sale,barrett mrad 338 lapua for sale,barrett 338 mrad for sale,barrett mrad 338 lapua for sale

We have been selling Barrett rifles for over a decade now. We are currently featuring a nice condition Barrett M-RAD 338 Lapua rifle for sale. This rifle is in excellent condition and comes from our private collection. No original box or manual but we do have the sling, bipod, paperwork, etc. Please note that this item is not warrantied as we find it more practical to warrant the entire gun rather than just the barrel so please ask any questions that you may have before purchasing this item.

The Barrett .338 M.R.A.D (Marksman Reconnaissance Anti-Material Rifle) is a bolt action anti-material rifle manufactured by Barrett Firearms Manufacturing. Based on the .50 BMG cartridge, it fires a .338 Lapua Magnum bullet at around 3,200 ft/s. It is used by military and law enforcement agencies worldwide.

This Barrett model Mrad rifle features a heavy tungsten bull barrel, with a 24” length, a no-turn target crown and an oversized bolt handle. The rifle is chambered in .338 Lapua, with an overall weight of 11.3lbs.

The 338 Mrad is a bolt action rifle chambered in 338 Lapua. The M-Rad system was designed to provide extreme accuracy and long range capability at minimal weight. Whether you are trying to bag that elusive 1000 yard shot, or just want the highest quality precision rifle possible, the Barrett M-Rad is an ideal choice

The Barretts M-Radial 338 is a legendary rifle with a reputation for being able to shoot tiny tiny groups. Many people own Barrett M-Radial Rifles, and they are disappointed they can’t find BARRETT M-RADIAL 338 Lapua Caliber anywhere in the world! While these rifles are relatively rare, there are still many available to buy.

The Barret M-Rad 338 is a bolt action rifle chambered in 338 Norma Magnum and features a 26″ match grade heavy barrel. The stock has excellent checkering and includes a side sling swivel stud. It comes with five rounds of Federal Premium 300 grain A-MAX ammunition as well as a factory box and papers

This is the rarest of all big bore rifles, the Barrett MRAD .338 Lapua Magnum with a special factory long range dragunov stock. There have been less than 300 made, and this is number 327. This rifle has factory threaded muzzle with removable brake and extended magazine box for 5 or 6 round mags. It comes with a very nice Leupold Mark 6 scope mounted in an Accuracy International Chassis mount which fits very nicely on this rifle! This rifle is top shelf quality and ready to hunt elk anywhere in North America inside 3000 yards!!


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