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ARSENAL SAM7SF-84 AK-47 7.62X39 RIFLE – 16.33″



ARSENAL SAM7SF-84 AK-47 7.62X39 RIFLE – 16.33″

Arsenal, Inc., the premier American importer and manufacturer of semi-auto rifles, is proud to offer to American shooters the Bulgarian-made SAM7SF. This 7.62×39 caliber rifle combines authentic, high-quality features rarely seen in the American market.

From its unique right-side folding tubular buttstock to its 24×1.5mm muzzle threads with muzzle brake, every component of the SAM7SF is engineered to provide decades of dependable and accurate service. The SAM7SF rifle is bound to become a sought-after shooter and collectible firearm.

Each SAM7SF receiver is milled from a hot-die hammer forged receiver blank by Arsenal, Bulgaria. Other milled-receiver AKs are machined from bar stock, but Arsenal’s hot-die hammer forging produces stronger and finer-grained steel. Internal voids and cooling deformations are eliminated by the 5-ton hammer forging process.

Each forged receiver blank requires over 5.5 hours of milling before assembly. This forging and milling process is complex and time-intensive, but Arsenals meticulous attention to detail delivers a receiver of unequaled strength, precision, and durability

Includes FM-922EUS, the Enhanced Fire Control Group (FCG) for AK- and RPK-based rifles with stamped receivers. FIME’s Enhanced FCG includes a single-hook trigger, hammer, disconnector, disconnector springs.

FIME’s Enhanced Fire Control Group delivers shortened trigger travel with an extremely smooth and light trigger pull. To prevent lever misfires, the disconnector face makes full contact with the hammer.

Further, the disconnector is engineered with an elongated tail, which makes a full stop on the rear trigger guard rivet and the hammer stop prevents the hammer from slamming on the trigger. With these two designs functioning together, it eliminates the “trigger slap” found in competing products.


  • 100% new-production parts and components.
  • Bulgarian hot-die hammer forged receiver, bolt, bolt carrier, and enhanced FCG
  • Cold hammer-forged 16.3 barrel from Arsenals Bulgarian factory, built on Steyr manufacturing technology
  • Hard-chrome plated bore and chamber
  • Removable one-piece design muzzle brake with 24×1.5mm right hand threads.
  • Right-side folding tubular stock
  • Ambidextrous safety lever
  • Side-mounted scope rail.
  • 922(r) compliant with US made or imported magazines.
  • Substantially extended service life over other types of assemblies.



  • Weight 7 lbs
  • Caliber: 7.62 x 39 mm
  • Total length: 38.2 in. (970 mm)
  • Folded length: 28.35 in. (720 mm)
  • Barrel length: 16.33 in. (415 mm)
  • Rifling: 6 grooves
  • Twist rate: 1:9.44 (1 in 240 mm)
  • Weight w/o magazine: 8.5 lbs
  • Muzzle velocity: 2,329 fps (710 m/s)
  • Maximum range: 1350 m (1,480 yds)
  • Rear sight range: 800 m (875 yds)
  • Rate of Fire: 40 rds/min (practical)

Arsenals SAM7SF-84 AK-47 7.62X39 RIFLE is manufactured using finest quality components and materials. This weapon is designed to withstand the harshest conditions on your rifle range or in the field.

The SAM7SF is the latest generation of the famous SAM7 rifles and assumedly the last one. It represents the most up-to-date product from Arsenal, a well-established Bulgarian company producing fine weapons. The SAM7SF comes in a hard black polymer stock with an accessory compartment for storing batteries or cleaning kits, and has U.S.-made high-quality wide rails on the upper and lower receiver. The finger guard mounts are reinforced by multiple screws, so there is no problem with stability and rigidity even when using optics or aiming devices. This rifle is also compatible with any standard AK scope mount designed for 39 mm scope tube diameter; however, ARS A1/A2 Angled Scope Mounts are recommended for longer eye relief scopes (unless you would like to run your 3x ACOG).

The SAM7SF-84 is the latest, most advanced variant of the SAM7X line. The SAM7SF-84 was designed according to customers needs. Adapted to use on a range of specialized applications, it is compatible with various types of mounting systems and a plethora of standard accessories. The SAM7SF-84 receiver can be assembled with any type of barrel ranging from short 10” up to 407 mm OAL (16.33″), which makes this weapon adaptable for any climate or environment.*Integrated Safety Catch

The SAM7SF has been designed to stay zeroed under the harshest environments. The SAM7SF-84’s hand guard rail is a slim profile, providing ample clearance for optics. The steel reinforced heat shield allows for right hand and left hand shooters to obtain maximum comfort on their rifle

Arsenal’s new SAM7SF-84SF AKM is a 7.62x39mm caliber gas operated, semi-auto, stamped receiver, chrome lined hammer forged and hard coated barrel rifle with a 16.33″ barrel, a side folding stock, removable muzzle nut and ships with one 30 round magazine.

Arsenal’s SAM7SF is the semi-automatic variant, featuring a milled receiver, 16″ barrel and side rail. The AK-47 is gas-operated and has a long stroke piston above the barrel. In addition to its accuracy, the AK design makes it exceptionally reliable with low maintenance and easy field stripping.

The SAM7SF-84 combines the legendary effectiveness of the AK platform with Armalite’s innovative enhancements and full ambidextrous controls. The ported barrel and gas system are designed to reduce recoil and muzzle rise by controlling propellant gases to cycle faster. The enhanced hammer forged barrel is made from 4140 Chrome Moly Vanadium steel, a thicker 1mm wall, resulting in more rigid barrel construction and better heat dissipation.”

The SAM7SF-84 is a compact, stamped receiver, semi-automatic Modern Sporting Rifle (MSR) manufactured in Las Vegas, Nevada and features a reduced length gas system paired with a heavy profile 7.62x39mm 16.3″ barrel with a 1:10 twist. The SAM7SF-84 utilizes a side folding tubular buttstock assembly that has several integrated military style sling loops. This allows the operator to quickly adjust their weapon length for different size shooters or varying tactical situations. The rifle also has a last round bolt hold open feature that ensures the chamber is empty at all times and can be manually closed by pressing on the safety lever

The Arsenal, Inc. SAM7SF rifle is a semi-automatic Kalashnikov pattern rifle that is intended for sport and commercial use.

Stripped down to the essentials, the SAM7SF-84 is designed to be lean, mean and hard hitting. This rifle features a 16.3″ barrel with a 1:9″ twist rate. The receiver is made from milled steel with a scope rail on top and right side of the receiver for solid mounting of any optics or accessories.

The SAM7SF’s forged and milled receivers, side mounted optics rail and hammer forged chrome-lined barrel help it stand out from other AK variants. Chambered in 7.62x39mm and built to handle both under-powered ammunition and enhanced reliability of modern hollow points. The SAM7SF is a great choice for any shooter looking for an affordable, high quality alternative to an AR15 or M4 Carbine

The SAM7SFx series is a generation of the famous SAM7SF rifle, built with high quality components. The SAM7SF-84 model is finished in black and equipped with a muzzle brake, side scope rail and an ambidextrous safety lever. This rifle features an adjustable cheek piece, removable folding bipod, and a dust cover.

The SAM7SF-84 is a revival of the classic Bulgarian stamped receiver rifle line. The SAM7SF uses a side-folding tubular buttstock and a full length top rail allows ample optics options. The SAM7SF uses classic AK74 5.45 x 39mm magazines and can be used with standard 7.62x39mm surplus ammunition.

The SAM7SF is an impressive new rifle from Arsenal USA that combines authentic, high quality features rarely seen in the American market. The thumbhole buttstock is made of high quality American walnut and has an adjustable cheek rest and length of pull; the handguard is a slim modern design that looks great and keeps your hands cool in hot weather. All models are shipped with a rugged polymer quad rail handguard system.

The SAM7SF-84 features a short gas system for reduced recoil, a railed dust cover for mounting optics and enhanced ergonomics. The SAM7SF-84 uses all the same parts as the other members of the SAM7 family.

The SAM7SF offers a variety of innovations that sets it apart from other platforms. These include a “Rounded” receiver, which allows for a slimmer grip, as well as improved ergonomics. The AK-47’s legendary reliability is matched with modernized precision and accuracy – it is truly the culmination of decades of experience and research. The SAM7SF is 100% American made from receiver to buttstock, using only premium materials.

Thats the reason why the payback period is often a year and a half.


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